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The three major elements of accounting are: assets, liabilities, and capital. Assets refer to resources owned and controlled by a business; liabilities refer to economic obligations; and capital refers to what is left for the owners of the business after all obligations are settled.

What's in Here

In this series of lessons, we will learn more about the elements of accounting. We will also provide lists of accounts that are commonly used for you to be familiar with the items under each element.

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Lesson 1


Assets are classified into current and non-current assets. Current assets pertain to short-term resources while non-current assets refer to long-term properties.
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Lesson 2


Like assets, liabilities are classified into current and non-current. Current liabilities refer to obligations that are expected to be paid in the near future (within the normal cycle or 1 year). Non-current liabilities refer to long-term obligations.
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Lesson 3

Stockholders' Equity

Capital (or equity) is what is left to the owners after all liabilities are paid using the company's assets. In short, capital is equal to assets minus liabilities. In corporations, it is known as stockholders' equity.
Image link to Revenue Accounts
Lesson 4


Revenues (or income) are economic benefits received from doing business. In this lesson, we will discuss the types of revenues; know and understand what items are reported in the income statement.
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Lesson 5


Expenses are costs incurred in conducting business. In this lesson, you will find a list of common expense accounts. Each account is briefly described for you to know their nature.
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