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Accounting Basics

Accounting Basics
Start learning accounting with this accounting 101 basics course. This section serves as a primer for beginners and a refresher for those who already have background in accounting. Build and solidify your accounting foundation.
  1. Introduction to Accounting
  2. Fundamental Accounting Concepts
  3. The Financial Statements
  4. Analyzing, Recording, & Classifying
  5. Adjusting Entries
  6. How to Prepare Financial Statements
  7. Closing Entries
  8. Post-Closing Trial Balance
  9. Reversing Entries
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Financial Accounting

Financial Accounting
Financial accounting is the branch that focuses on the preparation of financial statements. Guided by generally accepted accounting principles, it deals with historical data, turning them into financial reports.
  1. Introduction to Financial Accounting
  2. What is Financial Accounting
  3. Accounting Principles
  4. Accounting Standards: GAAP, IFRS
  5. The Elements of Accounting
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Management Accounting

Managerial Accounting
Managerial accounting focuses on providing information to be used by the management in decision-making. It deals with the needs of the management rather than strict compliance with generally accepted accounting principles.
  1. Introduction to Managerial Accounting
  2. Cost Concepts and Classifications
  3. Cost Behavior and Analysis
  4. Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis
  5. Pricing Decisions and Methods
  6. Relevant Costing
  7. Responsibility Accounting
  8. Standard Costing and Variance Analysis
  9. Financial Ratio Analysis
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